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Faculty of Law

Fostering the skills to think logically and legally which are of significance in a wide variety of different jobs and professions.

Law is a very important and useful means to solve the many problems facing our complex, contemporary society. The ability to think legally is required for working not only in the field of the judiciary and government but also in companies. The Faculty of Law in Aichi University is proud to have the longest history and tradition for teaching law in the Chubu District. We are passionate about teaching our students well, and about helping them to deepen their understanding of legal principles and to develop the skills to apply these principles to practical problems. We have set up three course models as follows in order to enable students to choose a balanced and systematic set of course options. We also provide a lot of subjects which help students to develop not only their theoretical knowledge about law but also an understanding of how the law functions practically in our society.


Curriculum Features

Logical thinking skills for the legal minds of tomorrow
  In the mature society we live in, people’s value systems have become increasingly diversified. Arriving at an informed judgment between right and wrong is no longer a matter of telling black from white. When faced with such circumstances, we resort to the law and legal thinking as the key to solving problems. At Aichi University’s Faculty of Law, students learn the fundamental principles of law in a systematic manner. Students are equipped with the ability to arrive at appropriate solutions to problems and to apply knowledge gleaned from the classroom to real life situations. This approach allows our students to acquire the thinking skills, knowledge and prowess required of a legal mind, and an understanding and knowledge of a wide variety of fields. Such a skill set is valuable to those seeking a career in the legal profession, and to those looking to work in public administration or business.

A commitment to a practical and thorough education through small groups
  Aichi University’s Faculty of Law places particular emphasis on educating students in small groups through its Introductory, Fundamentals and Specialist seminars. All first year students are required to enroll in the Introductory Seminar course, and students register for the Fundamentals Seminar in their first and second years, and Specialist Seminar courses in the third and fourth years. The fact that this is a requirement for students to take is one of the faculty’s most prominent features. Each of the Specialist Seminars covers a different part of the legal spectrum, allowing students to choose a topic that most interests them. The size of each group is kept to a minimum, and there is a focus on delivering a practical, hands-on education in each. For example, in those seminars that cover topics of a legal nature, students are given the opportunity to visit real life courtrooms and prisons. Meanwhile, in those that focus in on public administration, students are tasked with carrying out regional fieldwork. The faculty also gives students the opportunity to embrace a diverse variety of viewpoints and modes of thinking through collaborative seminars held in conjunction with other universities.


Four Year Structure

 First Year
  Students study law in a systematic manner. In addition to acquiring fundamental knowledge, students develop logical thinking skills and the ability to interpret a problem from a variety of angles and come to a fair and just conclusion.

 Second Year
  Students choose from three different course modules in either law, administration or business, depending on which best suits their future career aspirations and interests. Students acquire the specialist knowledge required for their chosen field, and gain a deep insight into a wide spectrum of areas relating to politics and the law.

 Third and Fourth Years
  In their chosen Specialist Seminar group, students acquire the skills required to apply their specialist knowledge in a practical context. Students acquire problem solving, information gathering and communication skills through giving presentations on set topics. Students also develop independence and autonomy through the planning and running of mock trials.


Three course models that equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the law and the practical abilities they need

For students aiming for a career as a judge, lawyer or prosecutor
  With the ultimate aim of cultivating the law specialists of tomorrow, students take a core set of specialist law related subjects, including constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, administrative law. Imbuing in students a deep insight into both the law and human society alike, the subjects on this course have been designed to cultivate the essential qualities required of an individual who seeks to uphold social justice. Special courses for those interested in pursuing postgraduate study at law school are also available, and the faculty is actively engaged in helping students achieve qualifications as judicial and administrative scriveners.

For students aiming to make use of their background in law as a public servant
Public servants play a crucial role in society by putting law into effect and coming up with new policy. To help those students who are looking to work in such a capacity achieve their ambition, we have put together a curriculum that places emphasis upon gaining a secure understanding of the basic structure of society alongside specialist knowledge of the law. In addition to studying constitutional law, administrative law, civil law,criminal law,political science and public administration, the key subjects in the recruitment exam for public servants, we provide a range of special subjects that cultivate the necessary qualities and insight required of a fully-fledged public servant.

 Training students to become business persons with the ability to think and write legally
   We train our students to acquire and develop the ability to think legally and logically which will help them when they enter the business world. Besides studying the basic areas of law such as constitutional law and criminal law, students learn about the areas of law related to business such as civil law and commercial law. We also provide a variety of subjects which will enable students to acquire and develop a broader range of skills and knowledge. And we lay special emphasis on small-group seminars which provide the educational environment for developing the skills of giving presentations and debating which are needed when working in business.


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