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Producing human resources who will take the lead in the volatile business environment, through the synergy of the Department of Business Administration with the Department of Accounting and Finance
   In 1947, Aichi University became the first university in the Tokai region to inaugurate courses on business administration and accountancy. Subsequently in 1963, the university established the Department of Business Administration in the Law and Economics Faculty at that time. In 1989, the department became independent of the faculty, and was converted into the Faculty of Business Administration. Furthermore, since 2005, the faculty has adopted a two-department system consisting of the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Accounting and Finance as we see today, in order to impart further specialized knowledge to students. Although the faculty is divided into two departments, business administration and accounting are mutually supplementary. As such, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Accounting and Finance work in conjunction with each other, just like a pair of wheels on a vehicle. For the pair of “wheels” to fulfill their roles, they need an “axle” to connect them. For this reason, the new curriculum due to begin in academic year 2018 will feature common undergraduate subjects that serve as an “axle” connecting the two departments. These common subjects will further strengthen the close coordination between the two departments. Another new attempt is the establishment of the Business Design course in the Department of Accounting and Finance. In this new course, students can study both business administration and accountancy, by such means as exploring ideal business management based on accounting data. The Department of Accounting and Finance of Aichi University will continue to engage in active and bold initiatives. It aims to train students into a business elite equipped with a broad perspective and extensive general knowledge, so they can appropriately handle various issues facing today’s volatile business world, based on the specialized knowledge they have cultivated through our systematic curriculum.

Department of Business Administration

The next generation of business begins here
   In 1947, Aichi University took a pioneering step: it was the first university in the Tokai region to run a course on business administration. The university has produced large numbers of businesspeople and business managers. The faculty is an ideal choice for individuals who want to work at the forefront of a company’s management operations in the future, who have an interest in marketing, who want to learn about information technology, or want to work for an international company. Discover a progressive curriculum and academic heritage at Aichi University’s Department of Business Administration that can help you get to where you want to be.

 Curriculum Features

 Providing the business leaders of tomorrow with the wide range of skills they need
  The faculty’s key objective lies in producing a new generation of business leaders who can function within today’s volatile business world. We provide our students with the business acumen they need, whether it may be to optimally utilize a company’s managerial resources, to recognize products with the potential to sell, or to devise strategy that will lead to a product flying off the shelves. From the second year, students may choose from one of four course options, each suited to different areas of specialization.

A faculty that recognizes the importance of experience-based practical training
  As a faculty, we are highly aware of the importance of real, hands-on experience in business. Such experience is highly valued by employers. Every year, a large number of students in the faculty take part in our internship program, which gives them the opportunity to learn about the internal workings of a company, and what a job in business involves. We also run an annual public speaking competition, in which students have the chance to put their presentation skills to the test.

 English skills for a career in global business
  Over the course of their four years, students develop the English skills they need for a career in global business. Students study in preparation for the TOEIC exam in level-appropriate classes, steadily progressing from one stage of fluency to the next. In the Foreign Book Reading course, students work through English language textbooks on business administration that are widely read in the United States. This process not only helps students to understand their field through the English language, but also equips them with new perspectives on it too.


Second Year Course Options

Business Management
  Students who pick this course will learn about the principles of business administration, company management and company administration. It is an ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs and company managers.

Distribution and Marketing
This course teaches students about the intricacies of how a product goes from production to consumption and about how companies use marketing to adapt to market trends. Students may also conduct research on a wide variety of areas: strategies employed by convenience store and department store chains, market research, product development, advertising and sales promotion.

Information Systems
  Information plays a crucial role within company management today. In addition to business administration, students who choose this course study mathematics and ICT-related subjects, making it an ideal choice for individuals who want to work as a leader within a company’s information systems department.

International Management
  This course has been devised with the purpose of producing businesspeople who can work within a multitude of different societies and cultures. The curriculum provides students with a solid grounding in international business administration theory and in the English language. We also encourage students to spend time studying abroad on one of our many programs offered in conjunction with an overseas university.


Department of Accounting and Finance

Using global standards to think about the focus of business administration – money
Since introducing accountancy to our subject roster in 1947, Aichi University has produced a large number of tax and certified public accountants. Our record is unrivaled in the Central Japan area, and a testament to the university’s high standard of accountancy education. The department comprises three courses: Accounting, Finance, and Business Design. In the Accounting course, students learn how to record and measure a company’s management status, and obtain the skills to provide business administrators and investors with accurate information. The Finance course imparts fund administration and management methods, as well as fund-procurement methods, which are indispensable for business administration. The Business Design course allows students to extensively learn about company management as a whole, on the basis of knowledge of accounting and finance. The Department of Accounting and Finance focuses on these three areas, in each of which students can pursue in-depth learning.


Departmental Features

Steadfast support to help students attain accountancy qualifications
  All students looking to work in company accounting or a related specialty field must first pass a state examination before embarking upon their chosen path. The department puts a great deal of energy into ensuring that students receive the support they need to pass such exams. For example, our small classes, which all employ textbooks designed for future exam sitters. We also offer our full support to students who wish to receive qualifications in financial planning, a profession that has seen increasing demand owing to concerns over labor and pensions in this aging society.

Experience-based autonomous learning
  Experience-based learning is exceedingly important to us. We believe it helps students develop the practical skills and qualities they need to respond to tasks and challenges in business. Every year many students take part in our internship scheme, which gives them the chance to work at the forefront of the industry. Often, this experience helps students make crucial decisions about their future choice of career. Outside the internship program, be it the student-organized presentation contest, or the dissertation writing process; students also have access to many other opportunities that can help them put their skills into practice.

A Structured and efficient approach to specialist knowledge acquisition
  Our curriculum offers a range of introductory courses to help students who are new to accountancy and finance acquire an overview of the scholarship in both fields. Our curriculum is wide-ranging, offering a diversity of insights in a structured way in order to make the learning process as easy as possible for students. In the second year, students are offered the choice of two specialist courses, allowing them to focus in on either accounting or finance.

Second Year Course Options

  In this course, students study business administration while paying attention to the money flow within a company. This course has organized a curriculum that is ideal for individuals who are looking to work in the capacity of a certified public accountant, a licensed tax accountant, a specialist officer in the National Tax Agency, the Regional Taxation Bureau or tax offices, and so on. For example, students can learn about cost accounting methods (essential to the manufacturing industry), through practical case studies from a broad viewpoint.

  This course seeks to develop professionals who are knowledgeable in fund procurement and management techniques, which are becoming increasingly diversified. The course is divided into two strands: finance (borrowing/lending money) and fiscal affairs (fund management). For instance, the fiscal affairs side teaches students methods for analyzing a company’s fund procurement strategies and project investments, and gives them knowledge on how financial products such as securities and bonds are used for asset and risk management. The course is ideal for individuals who wish to work in the financial section of a company or pursue a career in financial circles.

Business Design* Newly established in April 2018.
  The Business Design course provides a broad range of education regarding business management as a whole, centering on accounting and financial knowledge. This course is suitable for individuals who wish to work in a company’s corporate planning section or engage in organizational management. A wide variety of specialist education subjects, such as business analysis and risk management, help students acquire multifaceted management skills. The department fosters individuals who can create new value.

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