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Campus locations: Nagoya, Toyohashi, Kurumamichi

 Toyohashi Campus

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Toyohashi campus
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Maintaining the History and Traditions of the Eastern Part of the Historically Important Mikawa District.

The city of Toyohashi is in Aichi Prefecture and has developed while maintaining the history and traditions of the eastern part of the historically important Mikawa district. Toyohashi has also become the economic center of this district. The cultures of east and west Japan meet here, so the town has developed a unique flavor. This atmosphere, together with the streetcars and streets rich in greenery, fosters a human touch - Toyohashi has long been ranked as one of the most livable cities in Japan and its people remain proud of this.

Presents a History and Tradition that are Unique to Aichi University.
The campus has many pine, cherry and camphor trees, some over 100 years old, as well as a Japanese-style garden. The old main building dates from the Meiji era and presents a history and tradition that are unique to Aichi University.
The campus area totals 160,000 square meters. This allows ample room for classroom buildings for each faculty, a library, a research hall, a graduate school, a computer center, a commemoration hall, a gymnasium, a students' hall, and so on.



The university has a library on each of its campuses, possessing a total of 1.72 million volumes - mainly books on the related academic fields. This number of volumes is far greater than the average of private universities (about 300,000 volumes) and that of national universities (about 1.11 million volumes). The book search system that is available around the clock and self-study carrels, among other things, make the libraries convenient to use.

     Language learning facilities

The language laboratory, equipped with a rich set of learning materials and certification test brochures on English and many other foreign languages, is useful for voluntary learning. e-learning English programs are also available from on-campus PCs.

■  Shoyokan

This building has a collection of stores, including those that provide books, foods and drinks and other items necessary for campus life as well as a cafeteria that becomes crowded with people at lunchtime.

    ICT facilities

The Information Media Center is furnished with about 900 PCs that can be used to access the Internet across the three campuses. Diverse facilities, such as the Media Zone equipped with DVD and other software contents and hardware, are available.


On the first floor of this building are a cafeteria and a lounge. The second and third floors house a conversation lounge exclusively reserved to junior college students and other female students as well as the rooms for students' clubs and circles. Students come here to relax during a recess and in their spare time.

    Aichi Daigakumae Station

Aichi Daigakumae Station is about six minutes by train (Toyohashi Tetsudo Atsumi Line) from Toyohashi Station on the JR or Meitetsu Line. The station is next to the gates of the university. Pass through the ticket gate, and you'll see the campus right away.

     University memorial hall

The university memorial hall (former main building) has a dignified air of the Meiji Era. A walk on its long wooden corridor gives you a sense of the long history of Aichi University.



Address: 1-1 Machihata-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken 441-8522, Japan
Telephone: +81-532-47-4111


JR Tokaido Line
  ・Nagoya ⇔ Toyohashi (50 mins)
  ・Hamamatsu ⇔ Toyohashi (35 mins)

Meitetsu Line
  ・MeitetsuNagoya ⇔ Toyohashi (50 mins)

Toyohashi Tetsudo/Atsumi line
  ・Shin-Toyohashi ⇔ Daigakumae (6 mins) - The station is at the campus gate.

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