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Department of Humanities and Sociology


Specialized Field / Research Interest
 ARIZONO Shoichiro    Geography, Research on Locality and Commonality of Agricultural Technology in Japan
 IJUIN Toshiaki     Philosophy, Socrates, Platonism, Aristotelian Ethics, Structure of Encounter, Death, Meaning of Life
 ITO Toshikatsu  tito・aichi-u.ac.jp Historiography, History of Modern South-East Asia

 USAMI Kazuhiro

  Chinese Philosophy, Establishment and Development of Chunqiu xuel Period /  Development of Confucius Philosophy in Edo Period, Comparative Philosophy in East Asia
 UTSUI Shinichi    Research in Early Modern Japanese Literature, Research in Buddhism and Japanese Culture 
 URUSHIDANI Hiroki  hirokiu・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  Japanese Linguistics, Research in Japanese Sentence Structure
 KASHIMURA Aiko  kashi・aichi-u.ac.jp  Analysis of Modern Society Based on Lacanian Psychoanalysis Theory, Analysis of Modern Culture, Clinical Sociology, Cultural Studies etc
 KATAOKA Kuniyoshi  kkataoka・aichi-u.ac.jp  Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics, Appied English Linguistics 
 KATO Jun   Sociology of Education / Teacher Education in Britain, Youth and Education in Modern Japanese   
 KATO Yoshiro   Library Management Theory / Role of Information Services in Management Organization, Branding Survey in Profit Organization (Company) and Non-Profit Organization (Library)  
KAMIYA Satoshi    Modern History of Japan, Archival Science
 KAWAI Mayumi    German Literature, Modern German Novels 
 SHIMONO Masatoshi  shimono・aichi-u.ac.jp  Philosophy / Modern German Philosophy with Focus on Kant
 SUZUKI Yasushi  ysuzuki・aichi-u.ac.jp  German Language Study, "Erlebte Rede" (Represented Speech in German) / German Imperative Expression / Narratology
 Serge Giunta  giunta・aichi-u.ac.jp  French Language Education, French Language Education Applying the Audio Visual Method / Trends in Modern French Literature, Studies on European Union
 TAKEDA Keita    Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Lifelong Career Development - The Process of Human Development, Growth, Socialization and Individualization through Working / The Employment Phenomena of so-called "U-tern","J-tern", or "I-tern". / Career Development of Returnee Students / Women's Choice and Behavior, Psychology of Home
 NAGASE Michiko  nagase・aichi-u.ac.jp  American Literature, Toni Morrison and Modern African-American Literature
 YAMADA Kuniaki  kuniaki・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp   History of Mediaeval Japan
 YOSHINO Satsuki  yoshino・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  Arts Management / Workshops by artists  / Arts and Society (Theatre, Music, Dance, etc)
 WADA Akemi  awada・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  Japanese Linguistics, Research in Ancient Japanese Language, Research in Expressions in Classical Japanese Literature (Grammar, and  Meaning) 

Associate Professors:

Specialized Field / Research Interest
Anthony Young    Applied Linguistics, Blended Learning, Task-Based Learning
 ONO Kenichi    Study of History, Study of World History, Western History, European Medieval History 
 KASHIMA Daisuke  kashima・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  History of Education in Japan, Teacher Education / History of Teacher Education, Research on History of Teachers, Teacher Education Systems
 KONDO Akio  akiok・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp Economic Geography , Cartography
 TSUCHIYA Yo     Family Sociology, Disability Studies / Relations between People with Disabilities and  their Family
 NAKAO Juro     French Literature, Modern and Contemporary Poems (Arthur Rimboud, Victor Segalen)
 NAGAI Chiaki    Chinese Social Economic History, Financial History of China / Economic History of Sung Dynasty, Public Finance and Military Affairs During Southern Sung Dynasty / Introduction to History
 HIROSE Norio    Japanese Ancient History, History of International Relations in East Eurasia 
 FUJII Takashi    Japanese Modern Literature, Research on Literature and Philosophical Backgrounds in Taisho and Showa Period 
YAMADA Shimpei   Film and Performing Arts, Video Design for Performing Arts
 YAMAMOTO Akira    Library and Information Science, Information Retrieval, Classification and Indexing, Terminology

Assistant Professors:

Specialized Field / Research Interest
 UEDA Takefumi  ueda127・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp   Sociology, Urban Studies /Sociological Studies on the Politics of Expertise in Urban Planning
April Eve Day     
 OKUBO Ryo okubo・aichi-u.ac.jp  Media Studies, Sociology / History of Information Society
 Olivero Regis Dominque    French Language Education, Foreign Language Teaching Methods
 Peter Lyons    TESOL, Intercultural Understanding, Business English

Department of Psychology*

* Newly established in April 2018


Specialized Field / Research Interest
 USUDA Masako    Chinese Linguistics (Phonology, Morphology), Research on "Shuowen-Jiezi" and Historical Chinese Phonology in Qing Dynasty
 KAMAKURA Toshimitsu     Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychoogy, Educational Psychology
 KINOSHITA  Takao  kinosita・aichi-u.ac.jp  Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology
 HIGUCHI Yoshiharu  yhiguchi・aichi-u.ac.jp  Psychology / Behavioral Sciences, Health Behavior / Human Behavioral Analysis
 MINO Toyohiro   toyohiro・aichi-u.ac.jp  Classical Chinese Literature, Research in Chinese Poems during Tang and Sung Dynasties 

Associate Professors:

Specialized Field / Research Interest
 ITO Hiroshi  hito・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  Cognitive Science / Cognitive Psychology
 SEKI Yoshimasa  yseki・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp  Biological Psychology / Audio Communication, Imitation and Sympathy
 YOSHIOKA Masako  yoshioka・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp   Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis, Interpersonal Support ; Self-Management, Support for People (Children) with Disabilities 

Research Assistant Professor:

Specialized Field / Research Interest
SHIMOYAMA Seira    Ethology, Molecular biology, Animal physiology / Vocal communication in parrots

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