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Specialized fields /Research interests
 ITO Kiyomi   Financial Accounting  Theory, International Accounting Theory / Theory and Systems of Cash-Flow Statement 
 IWATA Kazunori kazunori・aichi-u.ac.jp Research on Multiagent Systems
OTSUKI Takashi   Corporate Legal Affairs, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Financial Legal Affairs, Bankruptcy Law 
 ONO Ryota ryota・aichi-u.ac.jp Information and Communication Technology, Information and Communication Development Policy, Future Studies
KAYUKAWA Kazue kayukawa・aichi-u.ac.jp  Financial Accounting  Theory, International Accounting Theory 
 KAWAI Shinichi skawai・aichi-u.ac.jp Chinese Business Administration Theory / Comparative Management Theory, Comparison of Corporate Governance in Public Companies /  Chinese Company's Overseas Expansion
 KURIHAMA Ryuichiro kurihama・aichi-u.ac.jp Audit Theory, Research on Theoretical Framework of Audit, Research on Failure of Audit 
KOZU Hiroyoshi kozu・aichi-u.ac.jp  Location Theory, Reseach on Spatial Structure and Functional Location in Urban Area
SAITO Tsuyoshi tsaito・vega.aichi-u.ac.jp Financial Engineering, Problems of Probabilistic Decision Making (Optimal Stopping Problems), IE (Industrial Engineering)
JIANG Yong   Data Engineering, Special information Science / Big-Data, GIS Space Analysis, Space Analysis on Regional Industry and Regional Disaster Prevention
TAGO Akira   Cost Accounting Theory, Research on Accounting Information and Decision Making  
 TANAKA Hidenori   Technical Transfer of Japanese Affiliated Company, Intercorporate Relations Beween Japanese Affiliated Companies and Local Suppliers, Taiwanese Economy, Taiwanese Companies, Industrial Cluster Theory
TAMAKI Mitsushi tamaki・aichi-u.ac.jp  Operations Research, Probabilistic Model and Optimization 
TAMEHIRO Yoshihiro   Logistics, Distribution 
 TOMIMASU Kazuhiko tomimasu・aichi-u.ac.jp Environmental Accounting , Social Accounting 
MURAMATSU Yukihiro   Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Logistics
MOCHIZUKI Tsuneo tmochizu・aichi-u.ac.jp Management Accounting Theory / Research on Management Accounting System in Modern Company 

Associate Professors:

Specialized fields /Research interests
ICHIKI Takefumi ichiki・aichi-u.ac.jp Corporate Finance and Governance, International Finance and Economic Development
OTA Koji okoji・aichi-u.ac.jp  Logistics, Marketing 
KIMURA Mikio   Tax law, Tax theory / Fair taxation system 
TOMIMURA Kei   Finance, Corporate Governance in Financial Institution, Regional Finance
YAMAMOTO Daizo daizo・aichi-u.ac.jp Research on Labor Management Relations in Airline Industry, Research on "Human Resource Management Theory" 

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