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Designing your life to be full of various possibilities, so that you can sculpt a way of life that stays true to who you are
  Life design refers to designing your own life. To develop the ability to think about yourself in order to design your life will give students an insight into how to lead a prosperous life. Aichi University’s Junior College offers subjects in a wide variety of areas, to help students find a way of life that stays true to who they are, in accordance with individual students’ objectives and interests. Students of the Junior College can pick and choose courses from a broad range of fields, flexibly designing a curriculum that best suits their wishes. The Basic Field is intended to develop the fundamental abilities essential to serving as a full-fledged member of society, and the skills for career planning and communication in English and other languages. In seminar classes, students pursue the themes of their interests to write a graduation research thesis, and improve their communication and presentation skills through discussions. The Select Field allows students to freely select a specialized field from six areas: Japanese Culture, Japanese Language, English Communication, Office, Information, and Psychology and Sociology. Students then deepen their understanding in the area of their choice. The Junior College curriculum expands the scope of options for students’ future career paths, by offering preparatory courses for students hoping to acquire a qualification as a medical administrative worker and to pass the secretarial skills test. Moreover, students who participate in the short-term overseas training program at Hawaii University are also eligible to receive academic credits. As unique features of our Junior College, we can cite the facts that students can use the facilities of the Toyohashi Campus, and that they are allowed to attend classes and earn credits in the undergraduate programs. For those who want to take their learning one step further, the Junior College has established a well-developed system to enable them to apply to transfer to one of Aichi University’s undergraduate courses.


Curriculum Features

A curriculum designed by you
  As a student in the Junior College, you can build your own curriculum. Design your own timetable by picking and choosing lessons from a wide range of disciplines. Aichi University uses a semester system, meaning that over the course of one year, Junior College students may enroll in a large number of classes in areas including foreign languages, business, cultural studies and literature. Seminar groups and foreign language classes are carried out in small groups, giving all students the chance to develop their communication and presentation skills.

Redeemable academic credits for certain qualifications and time spent studying abroad
  Students who achieve qualifications in subjects such as the English Language Proficiency Test or Bookkeeping Exam during or before their time within the Junior College are eligible to receive academic credits. Furthermore, students who participate in the overseas training program at Hawaii University or short-term language seminars at other overseas partner institutions are also eligible to receive academic credits. We also offer a preparatory course for students hoping to gain a qualification as a librarian.

Supporting students in job hunting and university entry
  Many students who study at the Junior College go on to study within one of our undergraduate programs. Credits earned in the Junior College are transferable to all of these, making the transition from Junior College to the undergraduate course a stress free process. Students who decide to look for employment at the end of their time within the college have access to the same privileges that students in our undergraduate programs do: one-on-one counseling from specialist career advisors, internship programs and company orientations are just a few examples. Thanks to this support, many graduates of the college go on to work in top local companies.


Other Opportunities for Junior College Students

Short-Term Training Program at Hawaii University
  Learn real English and expand your horizons
  First year students may take part in a 2 week training program at Hawaii University during the spring vacation. Students take part in classes at Hawaii University, which allows them to experience Hawaiian-American culture and develop their conversational English skills. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to see how one’s English skills stand up, but it is also a great way to broaden one’s understanding of a foreign culture.

Qualification Obtaining Support                  
Improving learning through curricular support
For those who want to earn a qualification, we support you by including such courses in our regular curriculum;Medical Office Work.
Medical Office Certification Examination

We teach everything needed to know about the medical care insurance system, from its structure, point calculation, receipt making, as well as dealing with patients. For example, in the ‘Hospital Reception’ class, students learn hands-on about how to meet patients’ emotional needs through collaboration with other hospital staff in order to provide the best care.

Enroll in lessons offered by Aichi University’s undergraduate programs
  For those who want to take their learning one step further, a selection of subjects from our undergraduate programs are open to students in the Junior College as Special Auditing Subjects.* All credits earned through this system count towards the final number of credits needed for graduation.

*Available in second year only

Recognition of qualifications with academic credit
Aichi University’s Junior College is here to support your intellectual development. We offer a range of subjects that help students to both determine a career path that interests them and to acquire role-specific qualifications. All qualifications earned by students are eligible for academic credits. We also encourage students to take part in career development courses and other courses offered by our Open College.


Applying to study within one of Aichi University’s undergraduate programs [3rd year transfer program, available for all faculties]

The opportunity to pursue further study awaits
Students may pursue new interests they have come to develop during their time within the Junior College by applying to transfer into one of Aichi University’s undergraduate courses. Students may receive advice on subject enrollment for transferring and guidance on academic credit recognition when they need to. Students can gain credits for courses offered in our undergraduate programs, allowing students to design a curriculum that can facilitate their transfer into one of the undergraduate programs. A special recommendations system has been set-aside for transfers from the Junior College into the undergraduate programs, and no processing fees are taken for admission.



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