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Nagoya campus
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Monument - the Tower of Love - created by Mr. Reiji Hiramatsu

An Urban-type Campus for International Communication

Aichi University opened its new Nagoya campus in April 2012 in the Sasashima Live 24 Redevelopment District close to Nagoya Station. In this district, which is positioned by Nagoya City as the base for international hospitality and exchange, the university has brought together three faculties of social sciences and two faculties of international studies. Some joint projects with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), also located in the same district, are already under way. The district is a place where people from around the globe gather, offering opportunities to be open to and get in contact with the world. This new cosmopolitan town bustling with the latest trends of the current era is home to the Nagoya campus.


Sasashima Live 24 Redevelopment District Playing Host to Many International Organizations and Global Companies

The Chubu region, where the auto and other industries have prospered for many decades, plays a key role not only in the Japanese economy but in the global economy as well. The Sasashima Live 24 Redevelopment District, situated in an midtown quarter about one kilometer south of the Nagoya Station area where many businesses and leading-edge commercial and cultural facilities concentrate, is being developed by Nagoya City, which aims to turn this district into its main gateway to the world. It also has good access to Chubu International Airport. A number of international bodies including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), as well as various global companies and media organizations, concentrate in this new town, bringing an opportunity to learn in a trendy, cosmopolitan environment.


Open Space for Learning with Opportunities for Diverse People to Meet and Interact

The Nagoya campus, made up of a lecture building and a welfare building, has a rich set of facilities and equipment dedicated to learning and research activities. Its area is wide enough to accommodate a total of a little over 1,000 students per floor. In addition, the "Campus Mall," a half open-air space between the lecture and welfare buildings aimed at promoting human exchange, is open to the general public as well. The mall also plays host to various local events. These features make the Nagoya campus a space of learning that is open to both the local community and the world.


Easy-to-commute University Closest to Nagoya Station

Nagoya Station has a concentration of public transportation facilities. Two subway lines (Higashiyama Line and Sakuradori Line) and city bus services offer good access from anywhere in the city. The JR, Meitetsu and Kintetsu railway lines are also available for smooth commuting from the Mikawa region as well as from Gifu and Mie Prefectures.



     Campus Mall

The Campus Mall is an all-weather, half open-air space between the lecture and welfare buildings. Measuring about 18 meters in width and about 100 meters in depth, this wide space is open to the general public and plays host to various local events. As the glass ceiling covering the 27 meters of the rear end of the space has been technically proven to be safe, there is a plan to use the Campus Mall as a temporary evacuation area in a time of disaster.


The lecture building has a number of classrooms of different sizes with seating capacity of 30 to 600. Lectures are given, making full use of an ICT environment and audio-visual equipment.

     Physical exercise facilities and student club rooms

Various kinds of facilities intended for physical education classes and sports club activities, as well as student club rooms and a sound studio, are available.

     Food court

The food court, directly connected to the Campus Mall, is a place for interchanges between students and local residents. The combined seating capacity of the food court and the on-campus restaurant is 740.


On the first floor of the lecture building are a co-op store and a convenience store, where students can purchase practically anything they need for their campus life, from stationery to commercial publications and textbooks.


The library has a seating capacity of 880 and houses about 400,000 volumes. Using the book search system, students can search the book collections of the other campuses.

     Media Zone

The Media Zone is furnished with PCs, ICT devices and group workrooms, all of which are freely available to students.

     Human-friendly and eco-conscious campus

The Nagoya campus adopts the concept of color universal design for diverse users. The on-campus signs are in three languages (Japanese, English and Chinese) to accommodate the needs for international hospitality and exchange.

The campus also has an underground air conditioning plant for the local community and supplies cooled or heated air to the Sasashima Live 24 Redevelopment District. The other eco-conscious measures implemented on the campus include wall and roof greening and dry mist spraying.

   Monument - the Tower of Love - created by Mr. Reiji Hiramatsu

The monument installed at the entrance of the Campus Mall is called the Tower of Love, which was created by Mr. Reiji Hiramatsu, a Japanese-style painter and graduate of Aichi University, to commemorate the opening of the new campus. Made up of three triangles, the tower symbolizes the initial of Aichi University - the letter of A - while at the same time representing his pride toward his university and hometown.


Concept of Development
Planning of a town that will be a cooperation base of industrial, administrative, and academic sectors connecting Greater Nagoya with the world.




Address: 60-6 Hiraike-cho 4-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-ken 453-8777, Japan
Telephone: +81-52-564-6111


access map
Meitetsu Line (Airport Line)
  ・Central Japan International Airport Station ⇔ MeitetsuNagoya (33 mins) ⇔ 10 minutes on foot


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