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Campus locations: Nagoya, Toyohashi, Kurumamichi

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Aichi University has 9 research centers that perform research relevant to the region and the world.

Students can choose a research theme and register as a student member, with support for their research. They can also inspect data, documents, publications and literature at the research centers. The 9 research centers act for the development of broad interdisciplinary research and are notable in various fields.

On Nagoya Campus:

On Toyohashi Campus:           

           Community Research Institute Founded 1951
          Institute of Regional Research of Chubu Founded 1953
          Toa Dobunshoin University Memorial Center Founded 1993
          Research Center for San-En-Nanshin Regional Collaboration Founded 2004
          The Institute for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Aichi University(IRHSA) Founded 2015



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