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With its long-standing history of achievements, Aichi University has been sending out law specialists who can contribute to the local community.

Since its foundation in 1946, Aichi University, a private university in the Chubu area, has been sending out a large number of bar examination passers. Based on its long-standing history of achievements, Aichi University established the Graduate School of Law on the Kurumamichi Campus in 2004. This graduate course provides a substantial learning environment including thoroughgoing small-group education with systematic, intensive curricula in the aim of sending out legal professionals who can play leading roles in the field of law and contribute to the local community by providing high-quality services for the community. In fiscal 2007, the Program for Educational Promotion in Professional Graduate School of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology included local contribution activities promoted by the Graduate School of Law from the viewpoint of supporting crime victims (see note). This resulted in the realization of the training idea of the Graduate School of Law for legal professionals.

* The above program is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the purpose of training high-level specialists.

Shortest Route to Judicial Circles
The Graduate School of Law is an educational institution established for the purpose of bringing up students to become legal professionals including lawyers and judges. Students on completion of the course are qualified for Japan's new Bar Examination.

Tutor System Supported by Young Lawyers
Young lawyers participate as tutors, who will give kind guidance based on their experience at actual work.

An Enrollment Limit of 20 Students Taught by 13 Dedicated Teachers.
The graduate course has 13 dedicated teachers including six legal professionals and accepts a maximum of 20 students every year, thus giving thoroughgoing small-group education that attaches great importance to high-density communication.

Facilities Available 24 Hours a Day
The Graduate School of Law has a library that is available 24 hours a day besides a court classroom. The library is provided with a carrel for each student.

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