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Campus locations: Nagoya, Toyohashi, Kurumamichi

 Kurumamichi Campus

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Kurumamichi campus
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    Aichi Legal Clinic (legal professional corporation)
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A Campus for High-level Professional Education for Developing Professionals and Researchers

The Kurumamichi campus, which mainly offers graduate school education, has Graduate School of Law for training legal specialists.


Easy-to-access campus with urban-type high-rise facilities and 10 minutes only from Nagoya Station by subway.

Intelligent urban campus promises to deliver the new university education demanded by our times.Our Graduate School of Law (Law School)  are located in an intelligent high-rise building that incorporates advanced information technologies that facilitate learning. We are committed to pursuing a new form of university education that is suited to this new era through initiatives such as our Open College program, which helps make the university accessible to the general public with open courses.


An Urban-type Campus Friendly to Working Adults

The campus offers a self-study space that is available around the clock for working adults to study after the regular school hours.



Contributions to the Local Community:

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute is an organization that the Chinese government has established to propagate the Chinese language and culture in collaboration with universities and other educational institutions around the world. In addition to highly-reputed Chinese courses, it provides excellent education programs that take advantage of the features of Aichi University, attracting more than 1,200 students a year.

     Open College program

For the purpose of meeting the growing need for lifelong learning in the local community, a diverse range of learning opportunities are offered for people of all ages to study. A total of about 600 courses on a vast variety of interests from foreign languages and PCs to art, culture and fitness are given annually, which are attended by more than 5,000 people.

     Aichi Legal Clinic (legal professional corporation)

As part of its social contribution efforts, the Aichi Legal Clinic offers free legal consultation service to up to four people a day (by advance reservation only) to provide local residents with advice on legal problems. Since becoming a legal professional corporation in April 2010, the clinic has significantly stepped up its staff.





The university has a library on each of its campuses, possessing a total of 1.75 million volumes - mainly books on the related academic fields. This number of volumes is far greater than the average of private universities (about 300,000 volumes) and that of national universities (about 1.11 million volumes). The book search system that is available around the clock and self-study carrels, among other things, make the libraries convenient to use.

     Court classroom

This classroom is intended to provide students with hands-on experiences in a realistic courtroom atmosphere. By playing the roles of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc., students can learn courtroom duties on a practical level.

     Cafe lounge and co-op store

The main building has a cafe lounge on its first floor, where students and staff can take a break. There are also a co-op store.

     Class reunion lounge

The Alumni Department is in charge of the head office for class reunions, which is located on the 13th floor of the main building. The class reunion lounge, complete with a relaxing space only available to reunion members, offers a fabulous view of almost all of Nagoya City. Graduates of Aichi University are welcome to drop by.


  ・Graduate School of Law (Law School)


Address: 10-31 Tsutsui 2-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-ken 461-8641, Japan
Telephone: +81-52-937-8111


access map
Subway: Nagoya (Sakura-dori line)

  • Nagoya ⇔ Kurumamichi (8 mins) ⇔ 2 minutes on foot

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