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The information below is for graduate programs at the Toyohashi Campus:

Graduate Department of Humanities

Japanese Humanities Culture
Globalism has made it more necessary than ever to focus one’s attention on one’s culture. Students on the MA course primarily focus on the study of Japanese folkloristics, history, literature and linguistics. Students carry out individual research into a number of topics relating to Japanese history, literature and culture from antiquity through to the present day. Looking to invigorate the field of Japanese studies, the course curriculum is unique in that is exceedingly multidisciplinary, combining elements from folkloristics, theology and regional studies. Most graduates tend to go on to work in educational institutions. The PhD course helps students to take the research they completed for the MA even further, and equips them with the specialist knowledge, thinking capacity and analytical ability to work as a researcher or specialist in Japanology.

Local Community Systems 
Taking sociology and geography as its two key components, students on this course analyze regional society from multiple angles, whilst also thinking about a region’s environment and regional policy. Students consider problems faced by regional society and seek solutions to these problems. They also consider regional society from the perspective of systems theory, conceptualizing it as a functioning system. Such training equips students with the specialist skills to take ideas from the drawing board through to actualization.  Regional society is an organic system, comprised of a variety of components. Making the most of previous research, students on the MA course research this system from a multitude of angles, to elucidate and reconstruct its structure and fluctuations. This training equips students with the specialist knowledge they need to find solutions to challenges. In the PhD course, students think about how to reconstruct regional society from the ground up. The course aims to produce researchers who can explore the possibility of new types of systems for regional society and for advanced professionals who can work in regional planning and policy making.

Western Culture
In the MA course, students carry out research on European and North American thought, literature, history and language. Students develop an understanding of the key characteristics of the cultures of Europe and North America, giving them insight to help contribute to the development of Japanese culture in the future.  In the PhD course, students take the research they completed for their MA even further, equipping them with the skills they need for a job that requires a high degree of specialization.



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