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Our Graduate School started in 1953 with two departments, Law and Economics. In the half-century since then, a large number of talented people have graduated and gone on to excel in judicial and economic circles and in other fields.

The Graduate School now consists of 7 departments and 10 sections. Using 3 campuses, we are building an educational system extending to Graduate School across all the study fields offered at Aichi University at undergraduate level. In order to meet society's need for individuals with advanced knowledge, Aichi University is committed to producing a large number of graduates with doctoral degrees. Following the Department of Business Administration’s refresher course for adults that was added in April 2002 and the Graduate School of Law (Law School) that opened in April 2004, a new Graduate School of Accounting (Accounting School) designed to foster individuals with accounting knowledge opened in April 2006.(Accounting School was closed in March 2015.) The International Center for Chinese Studies(ICCS), selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's COE program, has introduced the world's first experimental dual degree course to be offered by a liberal arts university. In addition to its traditional role of fostering researchers, Aichi University is hard at work training specialists with the advanced knowledge demanded by our new era.

Features of Graduate School:

  • Earn two degrees from Japanese and Chinese graduate schools.
    ICCS was established as a global research and educational institution in contemporary Chinese studies.
    A dual degree program is offered as part of the second term of Aichi University Graduate School's Department of Chinese Studies doctoral program. Provided as part of the ICCS's research and education program, the program allows students to work towards earning two degrees from two graduate schools, one in Japan and one in China. This course requires participation in the China study abroad program.
  • Graduate School of Law (Law School)
    As the liberal arts university in the Chubu region with the longest tradition, Aichi University graduates the most applicants passing the bar examination of any private Universities in that region. In April 2004, the school used this record of achievement to open the Law School on its renovated Kurumamichi campus. In addition to a convenient location that makes commuting to classes easy, the campus features an engaging learning environment complete in both facilities and content, with law classrooms, a fully stocked Law School library, and a well developed curriculum and instructional staff. The new school is committed to training legal professionals who can contribute to their local communities and corporate legal specialists with an international background.
*Instruction is in Japanese.


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