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国際コミュニケーション学部(英語学科) 専門演習紹介

Anthony’s Seminar

Researching Japan Seen From The Outside.

Department of English Studies
Anthony Edward Young

Exploring the Possibilities of Computers for Language Education.

“How can computers be useful tools for student learning? ”I have been interested in language education and computers now for a long time. This interest has led me to research activities focusing on blended learning environments and task-based language teaching. Blended learning is a relatively new style of teaching that sometimes uses computer-mediated communication such as Skype in traditional classroom settings. Task-based language teaching is also a very popular method of student-focused instruction. Students are put into groups and given an objective to achieve, where the process encourages them to be reflective and use language more spontaneously. My research focus is to explore how to effectively combine online communication and task-based activities for the benefit of future language education.

The Seminar Digest

The Threat to Press Freedom in Japan

In Anthony’s seminar, each student chooses a topic of interest about social issues in Japan that are written in the foreign press. They research and write a report about their findings, then hold online presentations using Prezi. Today, one student looked at the threat to press freedom in Japan. First she started by showing the 2016 World Press Freedom Index where Japan came 72nd out of 180 countries, which was the worst among the G7. She then listed three factors for this; the State Secrecy Law, the Kisha club system and political pressure on the press. She explained each one in detail and concluded that“Press freedom in Japan is facing a serious problem. The media should be more confident to report about the government and criticize it in order to protect freedom of speech”. After her presentation, one student commented, “For the right to know, press freedom should be protected”. Another student however was skeptical about the idea and said, “There would be occasions when the press should give priority to keeping state secrets”. Professor Young closed by saying, “Overall it was a good presentation. However, it would have been better if you could have thought more deeply about the reasons why the Prime Minister thinks it is important to have a State Secrecy Law in order to more openly present both sides of the argument.”